Minority MPs demand the immediate resignation of the Governor of Bank of Ghana

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its caucus in Parliament are sending fire the way of Bank of Ghana governor, Dr Ernest Addison for a recent report detailing severe losses made by the Central Bank in 2022.

The Bank’s financial statement for last year shows more than 60 billion cedis in losses which the Minority and the NDC put to the governor’s incompetence.

Speaking at a news conference, Minority Leader Dr Cassiel Ato Forson announced that if the Bank of Ghana governor and his deputies do not resign, they will mobilise concerned Ghanaians to occupy the Central Bank.

“In this regard, we call for the resignation of the Governor of the Central Bank and his deputies within 21 days from today. We are resolved to embark on popular action to occupy the Central Bank and drive out the team of inept, callous and criminal mismanagers of the finances of this country and save the Bank of Ghana. The March to Ensure Accountability will begin in 21 days if the Governor of the Bank of Ghana does not do the needful and pack bag and baggage out of that sacred institution that he has so desecrated. Dr Ernest Addisson Must Go! There has to be an end to impunity and it is NOW!”

“This means the recklessness and mismanagement of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana has cost the nation twice what we are struggling and sacrificing to receive from the IMF amid major conditionalities”.

According to the party, the BoG has become a crime scene, with its managers treading on a dangerous trajectory.

“The NDC is on record to have informed Ghanaians on countless occasions that the Bank of Ghana has been on a dangerous trajectory, and indeed, it has now become a crime scene with dire consequences for all of us. Beyond the mismanagement of the economy and our finances, the spectacular recklessness and ineptitude of the Governor and his team has called into question the wisdom of leaving him at the helm of affairs of the Central Bank”.

The NDC further accused the BoG of spending GHS97.4 million on foreign travels.

“Similarly, foreign and domestic travels of the Bank of Ghana cost the Ghanaian tax payer a staggering
GHS97.4 million, which is about 246% increase over the previous year

Source: city news.

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