Ghana Economic woes is partly due to corruption, stealing of Covid-19 Fund- Mahama.

I received and held discussions with American Ambassador to Ghana, HE Virginia E. Palmer, on matters of mutual interest to Ghana and America.

Among others, we discussed the state of security in the West African subregion and its implications for Ghana, the state of our economy, investment in local industries, and the hostility of the Electoral Commission towards the NDC.

Ghana’s economic woes, I explained, have been compounded by the missteps of the government, poor economic decisions, the collapse of indigenous banks and finance institutions instead of saving them, corruption, and the misappropriation of COVID-19 funds, which were shared to party officials.

I also expressed confidence that following the IMF programme, there would be more discipline in government’s handling of the economy.

Confidence will only be restored when people know that we are in a programme and that the government will not behave as recklessly as it did in the past.

Source: myjcubeonline

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