Electroland Ghana Limited Further Donates GH¢15K In Support Of Chef Faila’s Cook-A-Thon Extension.

Electroland Ghana Limited fLFurther Donates GH¢15K In Support Of Chef Faila’s Cook-A-Thon Extension

Electroland Ghana Limited has presented GH¢15,000 in support of Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak extending her hours in a cook-a-thon to break the Guinness Book of Records.

According to Adiza Ibrahim Sadiq, Head of Marketing & Media Relations at the company, the contestant started with the intention of breaking 120 hours, but she’s extended it to more hours to be on top of the record.

She said Electroland Ghana Limited out of goodwill gave Chef Faila some cash support because it has already supported her with all the electronics and kitchenware she is using for the cook-a-thon.

“Now is the time to also cater for the things that need financial support to help make it a success. We see a lot of manpower on the grounds, we have seen them spending money to make sure all is going well,” she noted after presenting the money to her manager.

EGL with its own brand NASCO and HOMELAND is the official electronics and kitchenware sponsor of Chef Faila.

They provided all the smart TVs, refrigerators, chest freezers, water dispensers, small kitchen appliances and kitchen essentials.

Locate their showroom at Lamashegu near Japan Motors in Tamale for all your quality yet affordable appliances.

Source: myjcubeonline.

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