YAA NAA refused to recognize the newly enskin Ghana Moshie’s chief by the overlord of Mamprugu Nayiri.

YAA NAA refused to recognize the so called newly enskin Ghana Moshie’s chief by the overlord of Mamprugu Nayiri.

Fast-forward, a few months ago the Nayiri of Mamprugu enskined a Moshie man as Ghana Moshie NAA (Chief of Moshies for the whole Ghana) to rule all Moses in Ghana.

This according to YAA NAA Abukar Andani the overlord of Dagbong said he can not recognize the Whole Ghana Moshie chief enskined by the Nayiri because every community and cities in Ghana have their Moshie chiefs: We have Tamale Moshi chief, Kumasi Moshi chief, Accra Moshie, Yendi Moshi chief, Bawku Moshie chief, Bolga Moshi chief, Techiman Moshie chief etc etc etc. Based on this YAA NAA said he does not know where Nayiri got that power to enskin Moshie chief for the whole Ghana and therefore he is unable to recognize the so-called Ghana Moshie chief enskined by the Nayiri of Mamprugu. YAA NAA disassociated himself from the action of Nayiri and refused to recognize the so called Ghana Moshi NAA.

The Nayiri Palace of late is becoming a center of impunity and lawlessness in Ghana for a reason best known to them. Early last year the Nayiri enskined a Mamprusi man by name Seidu Abagre as Bawku Naba to go and rule over Kusasis in Bawku whilst we have paramount Chief of Bawku. Government through the high court has since declared the Seidu Abagre as wanted because Bawku have a paramount Chief who has been the President of the Upper East Regional house of chiefs, and he is currently the Zug-Ran of Kusaug traditional area having his sub-chiefs and traditional area bigger than the Mamprugu traditional area. Bawku Naba Zug-Ran Naba Abugrago Assigri Azoka II has been a paramount Chief for the past 39 years older than the current Nayiri on the skin but Nayiri disrespectfully eskined Seidu Abagre as new Bawku Naba and court has since declared him wanted. He has since remained in Nayiri Palace and can not step foot to Bawku.

The Nayiri again appointed a Mamprusi man to be chief of Jenga a Gonja community and Gonjas chased that Mamprusi man back to Nalerigu, an incident that claimed lives and destruction of properties that Jenga chief has also remained in the Nayiri Palace till date. (Zonkuna Naa).

The National house of chiefs, Otumfuor and Chieftaincy minister should monitor the activities of the Nayiri of Mamprugu who’s action has so far claimed more than 900 lives in Bawku and Jenga the Gonjas community and he is still trying to extend this conflict to the whole Ghana by eskining the whole Ghana Moshi NAA.
It looks as if criminals in the Nayiri Palace are taking undue advantage of the Nayiri old age to manipulate him causing this embarrassment to his paramountcy. This is a national concern.

Source: ADAM-GH

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