Millitary take over in Gabon.

In the early hours of today, more than ten Gabonese military officers appeared in front of the cameras on state television and read a statement that, “we put an end to this regime.” They cited then government’s irresponsibility, unpredictability and potentiality to cause nationwide chaos as some of the reasons they had to step in to end it.

The team of officers which calls itself Committee on the Transition and Restoration of Institutions said it represents all the arms, armed and security forces of of the country.

Remember that Gabon just had an election and the electoral commission had announced that President Ali Bongo had secured a third term in office by defeating his opponent, Albert Odo OSA.

The government cut off internet access in the country to avoid communications that could lead to protests. It was after all these that the coup happened.

Ali Bongo is another extremely pro France and pro west president who along with Ivory Coast’s president was championing the push for military intervention in Niger. Like other French colonies in AFRICA, Gabon has also has several French soldiers in their country at the time of this coup.

Please stay tuned because there’s still so much to unpack on this story.

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