Dr. Habiba sinare apologise to Northern Men.

Apology from Dr. Habiba Senari…….

“I have become aware of the reactions to some portions of an interview I granted and wish to state the following;

1. That interview was granted a long time ago and those that are close to me figured that out. It attracted attention, discussed and abandoned.
Why the bloggers chose to rehash an old story at this time, I’m unable to say.
In that same video I have spoken highly of my ex- husband and his brother. I guess you know they are Northerners.
Why is that portion not trending? Maybe it’s because bad story sells and sells faster.

2. My son is and will remain a Dagomba and for that matter a northerner. Why will I innately hate same and for what?

3. Why will you accuse me of generalizing and stereotyping when I said SOME northerners are difficult and how can northerners be interpreted to mean one particular tribe?

4. If you had done a little search about me you will know my affinity to the north, especially Dagbon. I have shot my best movies in Tamale and it’s environs, using typical Dagbon settings to reflect the culture and values of northern Ghana.
I have featured Dagbon actors and actresses in my recent movies and blending them with renowned actors and actresses in Ghana. That obviously is service to the north and Dagbon. This can’t be hatred or dislike.
Almost all my humanitarian interventions have been in the north, specifically Tamale
I have learnt and speak my Dagbani language ( broken one though)
For those who are genuinely piqued, I NEVER meant to insult, denigrate or stereotype any group of people and I apologize unreservedly and unconditionally.I misspoke and you misunderstood me.

But for those who are waiting to roast me for no reason, I forgive you.”

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