Auditor-General reveals Nana Akufo-Addo wasteful spending.

The wasteful and absolutely needless Special Development Initiatives Secretariat at the Akufo-Addo Presidency continues to justify why it must be scrapped.

The Auditor-General, not me, reports their 2021 Compensation as GHS358million in its 2021 Audit on General Government at page 200.

The frightening GHS358million is in excess of the GHS977,562 Parliament approved for the 2020 fiscal year as contained at page 234 (appendix 7) of the 2020 Budget. That’s a hike of more than 36,500%

The GHS977,562 compensation budget for the defunct SDI Ministry is also significantly lower than the GHS8.5million the SDI Secretariat claims to have spent on compensation in its misleading press statement. Clearly, even per their own faulty assertions, dissolving the SDI Ministry didn’t cut down cost — the taxpayer had to unconscionably cough up more in this period of economic crisis.

It must also be noted that NaBCo’s 2021 expenditure per the Auditor-General is GHS644million as contained at page 6; and not the dubious SDI claim of GHS348million. I will encourage officials at the wasteful SDI Secretariat to read the entire audit report before proceeding with their illogical concoctions.

In any case, NaBCo has never been classified under SDI so when did it become the responsibility of the SDI Secretariat to pay NaBCo allowances? Also, if the SDI secretariat is now handling NaBCo allowances (which remain notoriously in arrears for many months) as we are being told, why do we still have a functioning and tax-guzzling NaBCo Secretariat at the Presidency?

Sadly, the current structure of the Ghanaian Presidency has fast become globally infamous for crass duplication and utter confusion.

Finally, what animal is “Other Government Obligations” which according to Napaga Tia Sulemana consumed a whopping GHS1.5million? Why has the SDI Secretariat become such an amorphous octopus being used as a slush fund to finance opaque and shady transactions?

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