Guinea’s coup made leaps for Africa and the world, and offers more as opportunities, but some devils see the seeded food as poison?

Guinea’s coup made leaps for Africa and the world, and offers more as opportunities, but some devils see the seeded food as poison?

Bad cops were defended by cops, until the people rose; Bad presidents will be defended by presidents, until the people rise up strongly. A big chunk of life is about precedents and codings for learning., so you ask what precedent will this coup set/deter, without exaggerating? And what codes can you learn from the different choices? All coups are not equal, just like all wars are not equal.

The honest slow learners who argue all coup are bad will at least agree, ‘not equally bad’. This coup is historic in ‘purpose’, this is the first coup against ‘third term’ to the best of my knowledge. That is one small leap, but the big leap is holding questionable Supreme Court judges accountable, at least for a start… other small leaps exist, but I do not want it to be too long an article and other things should be discussed.

Just want to remind all the supporters of this coup, including myself, to understand it is just a seed that must be watered and nurtured in different ways for it to be most fruitful. Also to understand, if we do not put the necessary pressure/support on the coupists, they may fail. This coup got lot more support on social media than the Mali coup, but it got lot more resistance from at least ECOWAS, and that is one code. Social media can lead mainstream media, but only where we are truthful; the people can defeat the ECOWAS political opposition to the coup, but we will need to be truthful and even kind.

We should seriously consider rewarding the coup leader with at least one million dollars and send it as an open code to presidents, Supreme courts, and soldiers about democracy. Like a human body, the judiciary was considered the ‘last hope’ or heart of democracy in rectifying potential failures, but where the judiciary is rotten, democracy is dead and needs revival, and we must not exclude military revival in evident dead.

Precedent sets or precedent deterrent and setting? Which African/world president set the precedent of changing constitution for third term, and how many followed? Which Supreme Court Judge set the first betraying precedent and how many were spared or followed, without condemning? ECOWAS, AU, EU, and UN did little condemning and how many sanctions to deadly third term seeking partners?

These organizations allow alcohol, cigarettes, etc, and ban Marijuana; they reluctantly allow much worse coups and refusing to see the possible good of this special coup? It was written, ‘the devil will threaten you with poverty’, so the ECOWAS sanctions are just affirming their devilish positions, that EU to UN devils are studying how people react to possibly add more sanctions or back off? So how about God and the Godly sacrifice some money+ and take this special coup to higher level, to prevent coups and stop coups…

AFRICANS/PEOPLE AGAINST THIRD TERM is the new group we should start, preferably with a Billionaire/millionaire or prominent figure to crowd fund and help steer the limited role to play beyond words. As a peaceful organization seeking trust, we should start with Guinea as verifiable example and send the strongest message across Africa and the world. By raising and awarding one million dollars to the coup leader in Guinea, we will earn trust from donors and the speech we make at Guinea will be vital. Beside words and in other countries, we will help fund the Court fees to confront third term questionable referendums.

This will clearly show we are law abiding preference people and reluctantly support other options. If the Court fails us, we will reasonably support a media house to help sensitize truthfully about the dangers of third term in our new age. We will consider buying mass body cameras for such a country to expose possible election fraud. Suppose all that fail , we will reward one million dollars or xyz to coup or assassinate where need be. This last one may seem troubling, but very essential if we study the Devine defeat of Alpha Conde and his mindset. Conde reportedly said, ‘they can assassinate me , but cannot coup me.’ God heard him, proved him wrong, and proving many world leaders wrong, beyond Marijuana legalization.

Your reading it cause a reaction, and presidents will also react if we clearly state it. Few millions views of such a statement will deter over 50% of third term seekers. President Barrow of the Gambia, president Macky Sall of Senegal and how many are rumored to want to seek deadly third term? At least the mentioned two presidents may be dumb in someway , but smart enough to understand the possible consequences and we save ourselves from their precedent following. When they approach their money worshiping judges, the judges will tell them there is a new Marijuana inspired group, or offer an excuse.

A smart relative will warn a president, even if no general is as brave and ‘kind’ as Doumbuya of Guinea, a poor soldier/civilian will assassinate you and we will give it to him/her if s/he escapes , or million dollar to his verifiable close relatives/partners, half while in prison and half after… No coup or assassination funding, meaning no upfront payment or discussion. You should do it for love, the money is just a bonus. Rather than risk your life to cross oceans or defend a devil ‘for your family’ (as some TRRC witnesses), risk for your country where need be… of course a special commitee will decide which countries to put on the list, but it is vital to be consistent and strong enough from the start. We are not supporting every coup, only coups against third term or only deadly third term. I do not want to waste time explaining how it should work, but I will gladly give ideas once started. In Guinea, it is already successful, we can give cash or check in a special ceremony in Guinea; in other situations, we may use bitcoin and other means if need be.

Explicitly deathly third term seeking must be avoided, but also confronted. Don’t charge them with murder, but Conde and the Supreme court judges of Guinea should be charged with negligent killing, instead of the reinstating, ECOWAS and cohorts suggest. Anytime ECOWAS raises sanctions, the prison condition of Conde and the judges should be worsen and announced; Strong coup attempts or if ECOWAS try to force itself in, kill at least Conde and fight through more than the Taliban. We urge them to be measured, but not to fear ECOWAS or any organization or country.

Biggest Devil Example: sometimes God likes to confront the biggest devils before the smaller ones. We are witnessing how God is defeating the u.s on Marijuana and u.s was unquestionably the number one fighter against Marijuana; this is a code to smaller countries, but that does not mean all will learn on time or understand the consequences of defying the inevitable. Similarly, Conde is a strategic devine defeat and arguably the central devil in Africa. He was like a father figure of the notorious Yahya Jammeh, whose present host and brother in cruelty will interpret Guinea’s coup as low level risk, but my suggestion as high level risk to both him and jammeh…

Ghana’s President choose Conde, Jammeh, and Barrow over the dozens of murdered Ghanians and Guineans? Imagine a Gambian, Nigerian, British, or Ghanian newspaper writing an editorial with such a title? Then explain how he and others are over worried that this is dangerous precedent for Barrow or xyz possible seeking of third term. Then explain how my idea can set or grow precedents. It means we raise the prospect or conditional retirement of Obiang and others, or raise the chances of their removal. Then we can put Jammeh to trial, but we must understand the opportunities first. Learning is not easy, but unlearning is even harder sometimes. Many of you are bombarded about the dangers of coup d’etat , but we must learn to classify or make serious mistakes. Coups are largely bad, but there can be good coups.

UN and people speech: Dumbouya should consider a strong speech where he will not only differentiate himself from other coupists, but his type of coup from others. He should clearly state he largely oppose coups, but support at least/only coups against third term. Explain some of the things I already explained and suggest how ECOWAS and others should classify and work with other coupists. ECOWAS should have a policy of ‘Indifference ‘ to third term seekers, not protection. ECOWAS should offer to conduct all elections after coups, within six to twelve months, depending on many factors, including the allowing of coupists to contest. Where countries reject ECOWAS or AU conducting the election, the coupists should not contest. Such can be terms we consider before delivering half of the awarded, only in other countries.

About ten African presidents may strongly oppose my idea, because it means their presidency or third term dream will end within months . Most ordinary Africans will buy my idea, and I am ready to debate anyone who dare oppose it.

Global or Africans only: I will prefer it global, even with governments and reputable world figures. Black lives matter is a fairly good example, many whites and others supported them. If governments can put one million dollar bounty on a suspected terrorist of less than ten deaths, then why would God or anyone punish us for offering million dollar over a terrorist in suit or big gown, after our cameras show twenty or xyz unnecessary deaths, show his judges chose money or feared to run after; whose soldiers are given the option to kill or be killed, then their own killings or fellow soldiers killings went into their conscience before or more than the million dollars offer that may not just get the guilty, but free the oppressed tax payers.

Business folks against third terms should be cross border association. Even if you do not totally buy my ideas, try the ones you agree with. Contact fellow business folks in and beyond your country. Even within SeneGambia, it should not be hard to find two thousand business folks ready to donate $1000 each for such, because they can understand third term can destabilize a country and they can lose lot more. You business folks sometimes deserve worse than politicians, other times you are victims, and sometimes just too slow to learn. Timely learning means when Conde sought third term, you pity the citizens, remember the Guineans who bought your products and services, donate if they claim the Guinean Supreme Court is too corrupt… if not citizens, you pity your fellow business folks in Guinea or xyz, and you calculate the countless dilemma of even late donations. You also understand protests can be more deadly in this age than military coup; that the lootings and angry destruction after such government killings is partly due to business folks actions and inaction. You sacrifice money and ask me and others to sacrifice our lives until when? When we sacrifice our lives and free you, should you bribe us secretly as Guinean business folk may be thinking or gratefully raise two to twenty millions in and beyond Guinea, openly give one million to the rescuer, one million to the new government to reduce the effects of sanctions; and above all , say the ECOWAS states who neglected us and your business folks who never thought about us or now joining us: We are not bribing Doumbuya, but awarding him as a contributor than many Nobel peace prize winners. You announce to the world that you will try to rescue countries from third term seekers, that you witnessed the effects directly and don’t want to see it repeat in any country. You tell them you will try to prevent coups beyond your borders, but that you will welcome and reluctantly support coup to revive a dead democracy -‘ where the Supreme courts gamble lives in the name of legality, similar to how slavery was legal and healing cannabis is steal illegal in many countries.

Hemp against sanctions effects: Although Guinea has lot of resources, it is vital to study how hemp can give you billions more than ECOWAS is trying to deny you. GHANA have legal hemp, may or may not be doing it right, but many countries are learning how to make through hemp what Guinea and others did not make on gold and xyz. You slowly learn you were defending a devilish Conde against Guineans, but how quickly will you learn your marijuana criminalization is also hurting Guineans.

I urge you to share and I will volunteer to deliver the money to Guinea, help with ideas, etc. May God defeat the questionable leaders lot more.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

OADN: There are many important roles newspapers and comedians should help educate people take a better position than ECOWAS. Imagine an editorial or comedy: Barrow says, Obiang should never be overthrown, Jammeh or his soldiers may brave up and hunt him down if he ever seeks third term. Barrow says, Gambian soldiers were suppose to be loyal to jammeh even if he killed Gambians over third term constitutional changes…

Senegal: Youssou says Macky can change the constitution and stay for life; no good Senegalese will be born until Macky dies. Youssou says when presidents like Wade harm business folks, business folks should rise and gamble the people to rise along; business people should only care about themselves, then when they become presidents like Trump , they may get worse or better…

Akon says, he cannot stand for Africa on human rights, he is a business man. He saw u.s destroy blacks over Marijuana and now they are enjoying , but poor Senegalese must fight, not Senegalese politicians, artists, or social leaders should learn and help. He said he cannot risk ‘heading ‘Africans against third term’, he cannot even condemn such presidents, he want presidents to give him land, while poor Africans pay for land. He said , he has billions for Africa to get more billions, but he cannot use his fame for such a plague, he cannot say I will match up small donation up to one to five million if people or rich friends donate to end political police brutality. He said he fears America will charge him trying to solve a major African problem… He said , if he or youssou start such now, Macky will suspect they do not prefer a third term gamble, or will not exempt him. They rather gamble, that any protester who thinks soldiers killing relatives over third term warrant attacking businesses, then they will fight or cry. They said they have million fans who will cry over their lost of property more than the properties or lives of ordinary Senegalese?

The devil is crying, but also appealing to smaller devils. The devil says, God worked a miracle until the cruel whites created Gambia to end slavery, but not all evil. Research the history of how the Gambia was created, but how Gambians repeat weakness like the direct children of Adam. Devil: Then God worked another miracle, he took my precious son called yahya jammeh away from Gambia, now taking my brother , Conde, in Guinea; threatening to take Obiang and how many devils? How long will God allow African devils harm the questionable Africans? Once the victims try, God inspires and/or help much more. God is inspiring from the Gambia again…

Think deep and use reasonable example. Accusing a business man of corruption where there is no evidence may not be wise. I cannot say, Muhammad Jah or xyz fears his corruption with Barrow, sall, or Conde will be exposed… however, I can claim Muhammad jah gives two expensive new vehicles to appease corrupt jammeh, but what can he do for Guineans, Gambians, etc. I can reasonably use ‘say’, where ‘show’ is more accurate. Poetic license will give it to comedians, and common sense will free you through free speech. Interpreting actions or positions as ‘say’ is OK. Mo Ibrahim and many others can lead or secretly join, even a head of state who is sick of it. A leader just have to be trust worthy, the bigger chunk of the money will not be held by him or one person; millions of Africans can afford ten dollars or how much is such? Also, if we get a fairly or reasonably controversial leader to lead, let’s still press forward, one person will not decide the details, as I avoid to give certain details until discussions are made. Your first duty is to share, then donate like or more than you give to praise singers or police bribes. Share to at least ten people and may God judge your efforts or lack of it.

Source: Modernghana.

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